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TEENS in Action

Join us for monthly Community Service Projects both in Strathcona County & Surrounding areas.

Ages 12+ (Depending on monthly project)
Transportation Provided

IVC is excited to be able to offer unique “one off” volunteer opportunities specific to youth, as an alternative for those who are unable to commit on a regular basis. These “once a month” projects provide a wide range of experiences and are limited in time which adds appeal for those youth who struggle with their availability.

Because of the wide range of dates and times each planned project is offered you have the freedom to pick and choose what best suits your availability in addition to the appeal and type of experience you wish to gain. Keep in mind that there will always be a limited number of spots available for each project so the sooner you sign up the better chance you will have of being guaranteed a spot.

Immediate benefits gained;

  • giving back to your community & self satisfaction
  • the ability to complete required volunteer hours needed for school
  • work experience that can be added to your resume
  • a potential reference from IVC
  • meet new people in and around your community
  • learn new skill sets
Become a youth member

How this works:

Youth sign up to become a youth member. Once registered, you will be sent information regularly on upcoming group opportunities that IVC has arranged.  At this time you can either sign up for one or more or none.  It’s completely up to you.

*The opportunities are limitless and will change on a regular basis to provide you with a variety of experiences.

IVC will provide transportation to and from the projects not taking place within Strathcona County to ensure each youth has an opportunity to participate. Students will be asked to fill out forms with their parents/guardians to ensure the terms of agreement are in place prior to getting involved.

Limited spots available!
For more information or to register call Le-Ann today at 780–464-4242.

Upcoming Teen Volunteer Projects

Saturday, August 18th , 2018

Edmonton Rock Music Festival  (1:30 – 6:00pm)

We will be supplying transportation to and from the festival held at Hawrelak Park with a meeting place being at Festival Place (we will meet at Festival Place and leave at 12:45 and be back at apprx  6:45pm)

7 volunteers needed  (Min 14 yrs)

We will be the “Enviro Crew” which consists of cleaning debris and recyclables throughout the day. Emptying bins, assist patrons to recycle correctly and other such duties.

The BEST part about this activity/event is that we get to enjoy live music entertainment throughout our entire shift. I’ve been told we can expect a very casual and fun atmosphere to be a part of and you all will receive free t-shirts as well.

More details will follow once you have signed up for the project. Please note that I have attached an additional form that needs to be filled out for the Edmonton Rock Music Festival. In order to speed things up please fill out and return with your email stating that you want to sign up for this project. First 5 ppl to respond will have priority.

September 22nd (Tentative date), 2018

Pressure Cooker Event (Youth Rock event)  (Approx 4 hours, Times to be announced)

Very similar to the reality show Chopped Junior, this event consists of youth teams who participate in a cook off. With so many facets to the event they require numerous volunteers to assist in the following area’s; Check in, Video and Photography, Concession area, Set Up & Tear down.

October , 2018

TBA (To Be Announced)

November, 2018

Strathcona County Christmas Bureau  (date to be confirmed)

We will be doing a combination of tasks such as “shopping” within the warehouse, gift wrapping and making food hampers.

December 2nd, 2018

IVC’s Holiday Dinner  (4:00-8:30pm)   *you will also be invited to join your table guests for the meal

Table Hosts

Table Hosts are needed and could be a busy volunteer activity, depending how many guests are at your table. Each table is assigned 2 volunteers to assist at the table. 1 adult and 1 youth.  You will help with ALL the needs of that particular table.

For example:

  • Greeting guests at the start and assisting with coats and boots
  • Showing them to their tables
  • Assisting the family or person to and from the buffet, refreshments and any other needs they might have
  • Assist with handing out gifts to your guests on their way out and end of evening needs
  • Clean up tables at end
  • Conversing with your table the entire evening to ensure they have enjoyed themselves and feel extra special on this night. Get to know them, listen to their stories or share your own.

December,  2018

Strathcona County Christmas Bureau  (date to be confirmed)

We will be doing a combination of tasks such as  “shopping” within the warehouse, gift wrapping and making food hampers.

January, 2019

TBA (To be Announced)

February, 2019

TBA  (To be Announced