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150 for 150 Volunteer Tracking

How the Challenge registration & submission works:

  • Complete the registration and submit your hours
  • Enter your volunteer hours throughout the month or all at once at the end of the month – YOUR CHOICE
  • IVC collects the submissions and enters them into our Volunteer Challenge Spreadsheet
  • You CANNOT track your hours through an online forum as our tracking system is not built for that BUT we are more than willing to share where you sit on the way to 150 Volunteer hours
  • Once you reach the 150 hour goal we will connect with you to share acknowledgement items
  • If you want to know where you are in the Challenge Hours and simply cannot wait until you hit one of our automatic notice hours, simply give us a call at 780-464-4242 or email us at challenge@ivcstrathcona.org and we would be happy to share that with you
  • We are working at making this as easy as possible for everyone who takes part throughout the year and that will mean we will be tweaking the process as we go. THANKS FOR YOUR INPUT!

Step 1: Submit Your Contact Information

(If you've already submitted your contact information, please proceed to Step 2.)

Step 2: Log Your Hours

(You must have completed Step 1 at least once to log your hours.)